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The Sustainable Futures Report



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Mar 31, 2014

A three-day conference on the circular economy, with special emphasis on education.


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Here are the links:

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation 


3-D Printing


So you think you know about the circular economy?

Re-inventing Fire - Amory Lovins

The Second Machine Age -Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee


Designing Products for a Circular Economy

Cradle to Cradle - Braungart and McDonough


Ellen MacArthur - Disruptive Innovation Festiva;


Short Talks - these were professionally video-ed and will presumable be available on the EMF website in due course.


Role of the Consumer

Nudge - Richard Thaler

Stark - Ben Elton

Systems Thinking 

The Gardens of Democracy - Hanauer and Liu

Cultural Genocide - Lawrence Davidson

Circular Economy - why it makes business sense.


Teaching circular economy in a global context

Jef Staes: Do diplomas kill passion and talent?

Wuhan Energy Flower :


Pop-up Farm

NASA - temperature change (there are many other videos from NASA on the theme)

Hope in a changing climate

Green gold -


Circular Economy Bootcamp

Steady State Economics - Herman E Daly (and several other books by him) ultra low emission cars