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Feb 4, 2011

Last week (27th January) Anthony Day presented on CRC to the Sustainability Directors' Conference and had to tell them that the presentation was already out of date. This podcast covers that event and things that have happened since.

It all started with the report on CRC from the Committee on Climate Change back in September, followed by the Comprehensive Spending Review in October (see point 2.108 on page 62). DECC opened a consultation in November. You can find the document here and it includes a useful diagram of the re-scheduled phases. Cyber Associates invited organisations to respond to a related two-minute survey, and you can download our report with results and comments from here.

I mentioned re-engingeering, and an example at the macro level is DECC's Energy Security model. Fascinating! Have a play with it!

DECC have now issued a further consultation on simplifying CRC. The details are here and they want your response by 11th March.

Anthony Day will  be presenting on CRC for the 2degrees network in March. Date to be confirmed.

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