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The Sustainable Futures Report

Welcome to the Sustainable Futures Report, a weekly podcast on all things sustainable.

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Nov 5, 2014

In a new report iema warns of the risk to British industry from a shortage of sustainability skills. At the same time many organisations are unaware that there's a problem.

Oct 31, 2014

Welcome to the Sustainable Futures podcast. In this episode you can hear the presentation I made to the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management in Newcastle. My theme was "Sustainability Sells". I started with an overview. Why sustainability is a lot more than climate change and recycling. Why it's directly...

Apr 19, 2013

This is my presentation at Sustainability Live on 18th April 2013. I was joined by Andrew Park (not recorded) director of Swan Energy Ltd. I opened with an overview of the various schemes and taxes that seek to control our carbon emissions - CRC, CCL, EU ETS. This was a special week for EU ETS as the Commission had lost...

Aug 8, 2011

How can you meet your carbon reduction targets if you don't save energy? How can you save energy if you don't know where you're using it? What metering solutions are on the market and how do they compare? 

I wanted to know how Supersmart metering from NoWatt, that Cyber Associates promotes, compares with other systems...

Jul 15, 2011

Counting down to the 29th July reporting deadline - a Special Offer on their CRC Market Research Report from Cambium LLP - why the Performance League Table is still important - DECC's proposals for CRC simplification - and meanwhile, in Australia...

For a 10% discount on the Cambium CRC Market Research Report use this...