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The Sustainable Futures Report

Welcome to the Sustainable Futures Report, a weekly podcast on all things sustainable.

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Dec 25, 2015

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re not going to listen to this on Christmas Day. Much better on Boxing Day with a few mince pies and a brimming glass! 

This week, more reports from COP 21 but certainly not the last word on that. An analysis of whether hamster power could be the answer to our energy needs and what’s...

Dec 18, 2015

COP21 is over, so where do we go from here? Is this the beginning of the end of fossil fuels? And this week let’s reduce, re-use and recycle. In fact let’s go a lot further than that. I’ll introduce you to Mark Shayler  ( who blows the whistle on child soldiers and Tracey Rawling Church (

Dec 11, 2015

This week the energy minister and the prime minister have been under fire as COP21 moves forward. While the main negotiating sessions continue, many other meetings take place as well. Mark Carney of the Bank of England has a view. The group of 77 nations  (G77) plus China has a view as well, and so do the 48...

Dec 4, 2015

Yes, COP21, the Paris climate change conference, is finally here. No results expected before the end of next week so I'm going to take the opportunity to review what this conference means for us, for our businesses, for families and for our future. Also in this episode, the minister takes control of fracking, business...