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The Sustainable Futures Report



Welcome to the Sustainable Futures Report, a weekly podcast on all things sustainable. You can find the text with links to sources at . Show your support at


Jan 8, 2016

This week I take stock of the recent floods and look at them as a case study in sustainability.York made all the headlines over Christmas, but people in Cumbria had already been flooded three times in December, buildings had been washed away in Manchester and there were floods in Scotland and Wales. Elsewhere floods have devastated parts of South America, tornadoes have destroyed houses in the US and Texas has been coping with snow. 

I look at how people have been affected, at the unforeseen consequences and where plans failed or where plans didn’t even exist. We are all affected by the consequences of political decisions. We must take them into account when we plan, and if we think it’s appropriate we should campaign to change them. That’s just one part of the supply chain. There’s a link to my Green Supply Chain Workshop video here.

It’s like herding black swans!

On 15th January - next Friday - I’m appearing on the Voice America Business Elevation Show. Here’s a link for more details.