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The Sustainable Futures Report



Welcome to the Sustainable Futures Report, a weekly podcast on all things sustainable. You can find the text with links to sources at . Show your support at


Feb 5, 2016

My guest on today’s Sustainable Futures Report is David Emslie of Novalux LED. He explains how much money you can save by changing your lighting. Before that, we consider a world in transition. Are we truly transitioning away from fossil fuels? Jeremy Leggett thinks so. Moody’s, the ratings agency, seems to think so. There’s still no clear picture on the oil price, there’s confusion on environmental policy in Australia, and the Hinkley C - EDF - Areva nuclear power station saga goes on. On the other hand investors  are beginning to see opportunities coming out of COP21 for developing the world’s energy infrastructure - maybe as much as $13 trillion. I’ll throw some light on that.