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The Sustainable Futures Report



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Jul 24, 2015

Top story this week was going to be the announcement from DECC about changing subsidies for solar power, but that has been pushed off the front page by a major speech from Minister Amber Rudd. Are you ready for ESOS - the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme? Get advice from the Carbon Trust, and advice from The Energyst magazine on Financing Energy Efficiency. Meanwhile, Sustainable Brands offer 46 Tips for Better Sustainability Storytelling! You remember that last time we talked about the carbon-positive house just opened in Wales? This week we have the building industry urging the Chancellor not to scrap the zero carbon buildings standard. Cuadrilla have confirmed that they will appeal against the rejection by Lancashire Council of their application for test fracking. No surprise there, and the case should be interesting! In Australia, if you can believe it, there are fears that renewable energy might run out.